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Take immediate advantage of our free property report and financial assessment offer, either CONTACT US now or print the 'Financial Assessment' form.
When is comes to property the one most contentious issue is the value. It doesn't matter whether you are refinancing, buying or selling. The value is the all concerning issue.


The dilemma between renovate and sell, knock down and rebuild, upgrading, down sizing or any other scenario to care to think of - it's all about the property value.


Until you know the value how can you reasonably make a decision that affects the whole family, your family lifestyle and ultimately your retirement savings.


No one likes wasting their money.


When you have that perfect property or you have found that perfect property, you need to know the value. When buying is it in your price range, you need to make sure the asking price is right.


Paying too much for the property simply puts your money into the vendor's pocket - money that you will be paying interest on, for years to come.


Paying too much also means you'll be less likely to achieve the sale price you expect when it's time to sell.


To help you discover the true worth of a property, we would like to offer you a free Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) Report from Residex, the House Price Information People.


A Residex CMA Report will give you a single price estimate of what your property of interest is worth, which in 90% of instances is within 10% of the final selling price.


A CMA Report will also give you:


  • Property title details and attributes
  • Sales history of the property
  • Capital growth since the last sale
  • A scale of property values in that street
  • Current median values and rent for the suburb
  • Historical suburb growth
  • Predicted growth over the next 5 and 8 years
  • Suburb demographic information
  • List of comparable sales
Take immediate advantage of our free property report and financial assessment offer, open the   'Financial Assessment' form OR  CONTACT US now requesting a copy of the financial assessment snapshot form. Complete and return to us for assessment.
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